The current scope of the exhibit covered exchange of the following types of data:

  • DICOM Segmentation image object (SEG), representing a classification of pixels in one or more referenced images. Among other capabilities, SEG provides unambiguous specification of the anatomy being segmented using structured terminology.
  • DICOM Parametric Map object (PM) can be used to encode floating-point pixel maps of derived parameters, such as results of pharmacokinetic analysis of Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI. Parametric Map object was introduced in Supplement 172.
  • DICOM Structured reporting of measurements using SR template 1500 (SR-TID1500) can be used to communicate measurements over the image region defined by, for example, a SEG object.
  • DICOM Tractography Results object (TR), encoding the Diffusion MRI fiber tractography.

For the details about the individual types of object see Instructions.