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3D Slicer

1. Description of the platform/product:

  • name and version of the software: 3D Slicer 4.10 realease, with SlicerDMRI extension installed.
  • free?: Yes, and (extension instructions)
  • commercial?: no
  • open source?: yes:
  • what DICOM library do you use?: DCMTK
  • Description of the relevant features of the platform:
  • are multiple tracksets supported in a single file? - Not currently
  • do you support any optional measurement data associated with a track? - Yes
  • do you support any optional summary statistics associated with a track set? - Not currently
  • do you write any other optional information to the TR file? (e.g. acquisition, model, attribute, algorithm identification etc.) - No

2. Read task

Screenshots of trackset results for each platform, loaded with 3D Slicer, are shown below.

  • Results: tracks with FA
  • Results: tracts 3D visualization
Dataset 3D Slicer Brainlab MITK Prism
2 N/A
3 N/A

3. Write task

Results of validation using dciodvfy