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3D Slicer

1.Description of the platform/product:

  • name and version of the software: 3D Slicer, Nightly release 4.7.0-2016-11-27, with QuantitativeReporting extension installed (UPDATE: Functionality should be working in 3D Slicer version 4.10 stable and 4.11 nightly, with the Quantitative Reporting extension)
  • free? yes
  • commercial? no
  • open source? yes
  • what DICOM library do you use? DCMTK, DCMQI

  • Description of the relevant features of the platform:

  • The user specifies the image series and can use module interface to segment one or more areas. Each segment can be assigned a term defining the category/type of the tissue segmented, and (if applicable) anatomic location.
  • Measurements are calculated over the segmented areas automatically (summary statistics), and are shown in a table view.
  • Surfaces of the segments are displayed in 3d view.
  • User can click on the individual segments, and slice viewers will be synchronized to show the selected segment.
  • Read task

Test dataset #1

Test dataset #2

Test dataset #3

Individual radiomics features can be seen in the table layout.

Test dataset #4

At the moment, 3D Slicer does not support loading of the SR-TID1500 reports that accompany linear measurements.

Work in progress to improve this is in this PR:

Test dataset #5

Individual volume measurements can be seen in the table layout.